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Kat’s Heavy Equipment Rental is diversified Rental company, made up of team of people who are proven in their industries. All working to design build, transport, operate, and maintain project all over the USA


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We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service while offering them a distinctive rental experience. This company focus has been in place for more than a half century. All our employees are rigorously trained in both the knowledge and operation of our machinery. We also issue annual certifications for our operators to ensure the safety and longevity of our machinery and clients.

Our guarantee as a privately owned business is that you will get that one on one assurance that your rental will outperform your construction needs. Our customer service is available 24/7 to answer and help in anyway. Kats Heavy Equipment is not only versatile, but we offer the latest technology features in all our machinery, including fuel efficiency, durability, and safety.

Automotive Manufacturing

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Construction And Engineering

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Industrial Safety Equipment’s

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Excavator Rentals

Our Excavators are our main powerhouse heavy duty machinery. They are powerful, reliable, and efficient for your larger construction projects. On the Excavators rotating platform we have all your excavation and trenching needs, this consists of a Boom, Dipper, Cab and Bucket. Kat’s Heavy metal equipment excavators are powerful, reliable and efficient for projects that work with mass amounts of earth moving materials or smaller scale rock and soil. Choose from large or small excavators that will meet the demands of your project such as demolition, dredging, material handling or just simply lifting heavy objects.

Aerial And Scissor Lifts

These are considered versatile forklifts – Kat’s Heavy Equipment will be able to guide you in always picking out the right machinery for your project. A scissor lift is a mobile scaffold for which the platform only moves vertically whereas an aerial lift is any vehicle-mounted work platform that can move vertically and/or horizontally. We carry both Aerial and Scissor Lifts in ALL SIZES which gives our clients the ability to maneuver in narrow and compact spaces and be able to work in elevated platforms.

Why Rent From Us?

Because your money won’t be tied up in equipment costs, you’ll be able to allocate funds to different areas of your operation.
No need to get stuck with expensive machinery that only does one thing, because you’ll be able to choose the equipment best suited for every phase of your project.
The right way to start a project is with reliable, professional and safe operators to keep your project on schedule and less prone to accidents.
Our full range of Kat’s heavy equipment rentals include Earth Moving, Lifting, Industrial Rental Equipment, and Transport & Hauling Solutions to meet the stringent demands of any project.… For utmost reliability, we offer only the newest machines from the world’s leading manufacturers.


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Scissor Lifts


Aerial Lifts

FEATURES: Kat’s Heavy Equipment Rental

We are always ready to best solution for your problem.

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More Features

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    Earth Moving

    Whether it’s digging, loading, dozing or compacting jobs, we have the right machine for your specific tasks.

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    Lifting Equipment

    With our fleet of tower, all terrain, and rough terrain cranes, rest assured that no requirement is outside our reach.

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    Allow us to set the bar high with world-class industrial tools to get the job done right the first time.

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    Aside from heavy equipment, we also rent out a variety of vehicles such as AUV’s, pickups, and various multi-purpose trucks.

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    Allow us to carry the load with timely and secure hauling services for all sorts of construction equipment.


Search For The Equipment You Need We offer a large and diverse inventory of Excavators, Aerial Lifts,Scissor Lifts, Earth Movers, construction, industrial, material handling, and heavy equipment available for rent on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. Our competitive rates make renting affordable.
Find The Equipment And Order It Online Online for Buying and Selling Heavy Equipment.Whatever your lifting requirements, we have the right machines to help you lift, move, and position heavy objects easily and safely.
Get The Equipment Shipped To Your Working We have ready for shipping all types of equipment with various lifting capacities for any job or task required. We are continuously adding brand new equipment for rent in our fleet. Contact us for your Rental needs.